Project site embraces public programmes within its borders and also its periphery is defined by other and more crucial public programmes such as museum, archeological park and university. In spite of consisting of public uses like culture parks, beach and alike, paradoxically this publicness is bruised due to lack of urban spatial design and we are confronted with a disconnected urban context.

As shown in our coast analysis there are various types of sections but in most of them sea and city relation is obstructed by motorway in city center except our project site. In that sense we are faced with a potential of utilizing the area as public urban space which would serve the whole city of Antalya. But what we tried to depict was to what extend an urban space of that value in a city could be disintegrated and disconnected. In order to reach our goal we developed urban elements called “UrbanConnector” and we utilized them as indicators of disjointed urban context.

Location: Antalya, Turkey
Assignment: urban design
Year: 2011
Status: idea / concept
Client: no client-voluntary project, produced within International Antalya Biennale
In collaboration with: Eda Ekim