Uludağ Ski Resorts Masterplan


Uludağ ski-resort is the oldest resort area of Turkey. It is under the pressure of unplanned development. The proposed design wants to create multi-purpose spaces in a ski-resort which can be used both winter and summer times.


Uludağ, which was declared a national park in 1961, is exposed to excessive and irregular visitor pressure, illegal construction, water pollution, solid waste problem, lack of diversity in touristic and recreational activities, etc. struggles with problems. In the proposed project, a REGENERATION model was developed for Uludağ, and concepts such as carrying capacity and accessibility hierarchy were proposed in order to ensure sustainable management of the area throughout the national park. In order to ensure economic and ecological regeneration in the 1st Development Zone, which is called the Hotels Zone and hosts ski-oriented tourism activities, and the newly built 2nd Development Zone, multi-purpose open and closed spaces have been designed for skiing activities as well as other potential summer and winter recreational activities.

Location: Bursa
Assignment: master planning, Urban landscape planning
Year: 2008
Status: competition-awarded
Client: Ministry of Environment
In collaboration with: Berat Çokal