Pananos Beach


The competition area, which is described as a large urban green area in the development plans, is also the lower part of a large wet area system (Menderes Delta). On the other hand, the area is intensively used for beach activities. This creates tension between Pananos as a sub-part of an ecosystem and Pananos as a public Beach. This is the main starting point of this project. Based on this determination, it was deemed necessary to emphasize that the competition area should both accommodate public beach use activities and be a sub-part of an ecosystem. This situation carries within itself the tension of protection and use.


In the project, the idea of ​​a program bar was developed to resolve this tension. Program bars act as a mediator between the beach and the wet and dune area that needs to be protected in the area. Program bars both include activities for daily beach use and ensure a controlled relationship with other ecological values ​​of the area. The competition area, which is difficult to handle, has been made visually and functionally readable and understandable by coding with “Program Bars”.

Location: Selçuk, İzmir
Assignment: water, conservation, wetland, urban design, landscape design, natural heritage, sustainable design, recreational facilities
Size: 100 Ha
Year: 2003
Status: competition-awarded
Client: Selçuk Municipality
In collaboration with: Sinan Burat