OSTIM Tech-Campus Master Plan


“This project is an invitation competition on master plan of an R&D campus in Ankara, OSTIM Organized Industrial District. A techno park project, what we call Ecopark due to our ecological design approach, located on a site which has an area of approximately 9 hectares in Ostim Industrial District, Ankara. Project consists of offices, laboratories, cafes, social spaces and a solar farm which was designed to be the focus point of the project and stands as a crown on top of the hill. One of the main aims is to rehabilitate and unify the landscape and topography which was divided into two parts by a traffic road and its topography was severely battered. The project approach is to repair the degraded geography of the existing land and develop a solar energy-oriented spatial and engineering design setup. “


Ostim Ecopark land has a strategic location due to its proximity to Ankara Ring Road and its location in the geometric middle of the city macroform. There are currently 5 technopark formations in the city. Ostim Ekopark has the power to increase this capacity by 20% on the basis of closed area and 20% on the basis of the number of employees. A total of 2000 employees and 62,000 m2 of closed area are proposed. While making site plan decisions, the idea of ecological restoration was taken as the basis, and the principles of restructuring the ecology of the hill and preserving the existing vegetation were taken into consideration. In addition, solutions were sought for the renewable energy solutions brought by the Ecopark title and the recycling of rainwater and irrigation water. Therefore, a landscape urbanism approach has been adopted in principle. Open space solutions have been developed where the landscape will work together with engineering and where landscaping and recreational elements will be included in the use of solar energy. With the idea of a solar field, a bowl that would give an identity to the hill was proposed. This bowl will also be illuminated at night and become an urban image.


– Phase 1 Ecopark Establishment Building / Ecopark Entrance Plaza / Solar Canopy
– Phase 2 Ecopark Office / Solar Field / Refunctioning Establishment Building as a Social Center
– Phase 3 Ecopark Office
– Phase 4 Ecopark Office
– Phase 5 Landscape Rehabilitation to achieve integrity of functions and landscape
– Phase 6 R&D Offices / Cultural and Congress Center / Accommodation / Sport Center

Location: Ankara
Assignment: master plan, landscaping, architecture
Size: 15 Ha
Year: 2013
Status: competition-awarded competition-invited
Client: OSTİM A.Ş.