LÖSEV Nature and Health Complex


An urban design project for 42 ha. rural land that is to be used for natural life experiences, spa facilities, daily recreational and agricultural uses.


A waste management and energy cycle that will ensure the sustainability of the Natural Life Center is one of the main decisions of the project. In this context, it is recommended that the organic and liquid wastes of accommodation and recreation areas be treated and recycled within the area and reused within the center. Production of compost from organic waste and biological treatment of liquid waste and its use in irrigation of vegetated areas are included in the program.
It is possible to produce most of the energy required for indoor lighting with solar energy panels.
It is essential that milk and dairy products obtained from pastures, as well as production made in accordance with certain standards in organic farming areas, are used in food production in accommodation areas and food and beverage venues. The surplus value of this production will be offered to daily visitors in tasting units and sold.


Considering the proposed uses and existing physical conditions in the area, a differentiation that exhibits four different landscape characters can be mentioned. The first of these is the area located in the west of the project area, where the green ecosystem is observed to be worn out. A system in which the green texture of the area will renew itself is proposed for this place, within the scope of the proposed programs, especially aromatic ornamental plants, children’s playground and buffer zone. Accordingly, the area will be covered with natural vegetation in the long term and become a part of the existing ecosystem again.

Location: Çankırı
Assignment: Urban design, landscape planning, masterplan, health and wellbeing
Size: 42 Ha
Year: 2013
Status: competition-awarded
Client: LÖSEV
In collaboration with: Enise B. Karaçizmeli