Kırcami 9-6

“Kırcami is an approximately 1500 ha. low-density suburban land located in the eastern wing of Antalya. It is under the pressure of high-speed and dense urbanization because of its strategic location. Active agricultural facility is the main characteristic of the area. The main design and planning problem is the balance between urbanization dynamics and rural lifestyles. “


Our project is based on a proposal of a new urban transformation model which goes beyond conventional planning approaches in Turkey. We name the model as “KIRCAMİ 9-6” that underlines 9 horizontal landownership regions and 6 vertical theme bands. We develop 3 different development scenarios for this 9-6 zoning system.
This innovative zoning system gives us the possibility of controlling development under a comprehensive master plan, which is at the same time flexible in case landowners negotiate with each other in their landownership regions. It is a kind of matrix that works with the logic of game theory. If the landowners correspond to the defined land-uses in their property, then they get the maximum development right. Each landownership is about 140-190 ha. Area.

Location: Kırcami , Antalya
Assignment: “Master plan, urban transformation modelling, spatial strategy development, flexible urban plan- ning, vision and strategy “
Size: 1.500 ha
Year: 2012
Status: idea / concept
Client: City of Antalya