Gallipoli New Memorial Sites


It is an idea project competition that covers the arrangement of 15 newly discovered martyrs’ cemeteries related to the Gallipoli Wars for visitors.

Instead of proposing to apply the same design for the 15 memorial sites in question, we created 15 separate designs for each site, created around the ideal of conceptual rather than formal unity, where the differences in human, nature and history contexts are decisive. Thus, these 15 memorial sites scattered across the peninsula will have different meanings for different people at different times, in terms of being loaded with different contents that the commemoration experience makes possible, both on its own and in its relationship with other memorial sites. However, it was important for us that the effect of all this emphasis on difference was consistent with the meta-narrative. We did this through certain kinds of repetition.

Each of the 15 commemoration sites scattered across the peninsula is a dramatic, tragic, epic, silent, memorable event witnessed at a certain moment in history, some forgotten, some remembered, heroic, with a sense of duty, with love for the homeland, with longing for the homeland, with desperation, with hope. places where their experiences come to an end. We wanted to handle the peninsula and the design of these 15 commemorative places in a way that is consistent with its structure that resists a singular narrative, by detaching these experiences from their personalities and making them belong to spatiality by detaching them from the knowledge of what they are a place for anyone visiting the places, and by detaching the war years from the spirit of the time and making them belong to temporality.



Location: Çanakkale
Assignment: urban design, landscaping, graphic design, industrial design, architecture, identity construction, curatorial projects
Size: 15 sites
Year: 2018
Status: competition-awarded competition-invited
Client: Çanakkale Wars Gallipoli Field Directorate
In collaboration with: Nurbin Paker, Hüseyin Kahvecioğlu, Ceyda Özbilen, Eda Ekim, Petek Kızılelma, Özge Ejder, Mehmet Ali Uysal, Sibel Ürem, Ayşenaz Toker