Diyarbakır Dicle Valley Masterplan


Dicle (Tigris) Valley and Dicle River is a significant ecological corridor in the east edge of Diyarbakır, the southeastern city of Turkey. The greater municipality have prepared metropolian region plans, which described the valley as the main recreational conservation area. As the General Directorate Of State Hydraulic Works was planning to build two small-scale water regulation units on the river, the future use and form of the valley and the river has come out as a design and planning problem. In 2007 a landscape planning and urban design competition was announced and our team won the 1st prize.


Different form other participants, we described a future vision for the area, which is grounded on the theme of “sports and youngsters”. According to our approach, the valley should have 3 zones, in which user densities and programs will change.

Location: Diyarbakır
Assignment: Urban landscape planning, urban design, architectural design
Size: 700 ha
Year: 2007
Status: competition-awarded
Client: City of Diyarbakır
In collaboration with: Sinan Burat, Sultan Gündüz, Ercan Çitil, Sinan Özden