Çeşme Waterfront


“An idea competition on aesthetic / functional problems of public spaces and seafront façades of Çeşme, a significant tourism attraction location of Aegean sea coast. “


The project focuses on Marina/City Relationship, Pedestrian Area Systematics, Vehicle/Pedestrian Relationship and Green Area Character. It brings new suggestions by analyzing the city’s public open space system. At the same time, the project proposes new relationships in coastal use and reconsiders the sea-city relationship. Another important issue of the project is the silhouette facing the sea, which forms the main image of the city. In this context, it aims to develop the visual identity of the city by proposing a systematic for the facades of the buildings located on the coastline. In addition, it redesigns the canal that passes through the city but has not been integrated into urban life and includes it in the public open space system.

Location: Çeşme, İzmir
Assignment: master plan, landscaping, façade rehabilitation
Size: 4 km
Year: 2013
Status: competition-awarded
Client: Izmir Chamber of Commerce