Bitlis Urban Square

” The proposed project is the transformation of a 15,000 m2 urban square located in the area of the old bus station facing the historic houses, into a public space showcasing the town’s rich heritage.”


The city of Bitlis, located in the Eastern Anatolia region, was established in a deep, narrow valley opened up by the Bitlis stream, one of the tributaries of the Tigris, to the south-east of the Taurus mountains. New areas of urban development have begun to form beyond the narrow valley of the historic old town, which opens out to the north. Bitlis’s urban planning projects include proposals for both the “historic centre”, where the historic bazaar and traditional urban structure are located, and for the narrow valley that links this ancient structure to the new settlement areas and opens out to the north.

Location: Bitlis
Assignment: Urban design
Size: 15.000m²
Year: 2010
Status: idea / concept
Client: City of Bitlis
In collaboration with: Eastern Anatolia Development Agency and BETAV, Sevince Bayrak, Oral Göktaş