Beylikduzu Valley


Design of the valley landscape together with the design of a motorway and pedestrian bridge which will connect two parts of Beylikdüzü, a relatively young peripheral province of Istanbul. It is developing and expanding fast on a changing topography, while it has also new requirements in terms of green spaces, social and ublic buildings. The competition is taking place on the segment of a huge valley system, which has a potential of becoming a green corridor fort he metropolitan area in the future. We developed a concept of “free valley”, in which public indoor uses will be located on upper part of the valley while the valley basin will be reserved for open green area uses.


Planning decisions
The most important feature of this project is its proposition of associating the valley with the urban context and future scenarios generating from the urban relations.

Urban Fabric
The existing development plan squeezes the functions into the valley basin and endangers the continuity problematics in the context of public space. Depending on that problem definition we propose to reposition those functions in upper levels of the valley to obtain a continuous public movements scenario and a more rational and sustainable urban fabric that coexists with the natural qualities of the city.

Location: Beylikdüzü, Istanbul
Assignment: Urban planning, urban design strategy, master planning
Size: 70 Ha
Year: 2015
Status: competition-awarded
Client: City of Beylikdüzü
In collaboration with: Gökşen Ezgi Boz, Tansu Dinçer