METU Sculpture


The subject of this competition is to create an open space arrangement emphasizing the theme of “”Ataturk and Education”” at the main entrance of the Middle East Technical University (METU) Culture and Congress Center. The main expectation of the competition is to place monuments/objects highlighting the theme of Atatürk and Education in the competition area, including the section from the KKM pedestrian entrance to the road, in line with the architectural and residential texture and landscape qualities of the METU campus, and to establish visual and pedestrian relations with the surroundings of this area. regulation is to be done.


As the production itself is an education-themed, our basic approach is to use all natural and artificial elements and METU itself as a reference. In this context, we suggest an open space and sculpture arrangement which focuses on the concepts we have introduced by reading “Atatürk and Education” through METU, and which is not point or monumental and does not go beyond human scale. On the other hand it is perpetual and touches people, at human scale and it gives opportunities for multiple experiences which extend over time.

Location: Ankara
Assignment: square design, sculpture design
Size: 1 ha
Year: 2018
Status: competition-awarded competition-invited
Client: METU
In collaboration with: Evrim Kavcar, Kıymet Daştan