Manavgat Social Club

Beachpark Facilities Project, located at the east coasts of Side antique settlement where 5 star hotels dominate the landscape, is an architecture and landscape project designed to meet the recreative necessities of the city of Manavgat in this preserved site. Project site is approximately 18.009 square meters and has a serious amount of vegetation consisting mostly of pine trees. In our project we developed our scheme according to the location of the trees, preserving every each of them, even improving the landscape assets. Projects has diverse functions, such as restaurant, open public pool, aquapark, open air wedding area etc., that will enable visitors to use the indoor and outdoor facilities in winter and summer times.

Location: Manavgat, Antalya
Assignment: Architectural and landscape project
Size: 18.000 M²
Year: 2015
Status: detailed design
Client: City of Manavgat