Hürriyet Street

A hardscape and landscape project of Hürriyet Street located in Küçükçekmece District of İstanbul where the Street is one of the most busiest pedestrianized axis of the area. The length of the pedestrianized part of the street is about 750 meters. Shop entrances, service vehicle routes and some activity strips were designed as an integral part of the project since those activities are overlapping pedestrian movements. One other aspect of the project is that no generic urban furniture was proposed, on the contrary all those elements were designed for that specific context, such as benches, canopies, water facilities etc.
Location: Küçükçekmece, Istanbul
Assignment: Urban design, landscape design, urban furniture
Size: 750
Year: 2011
Status: realised
Client: City of Küçükçekmece
In collaboration with: Ceyda Özbilen,Eda Ekim