Gallipoli Mecidiye Bastions

A multi-disciplinary project of Mecidiye Bastions, one of the memorial sites of Gallipoli, used for defense of Dardanelles. This is one of the six focal visiting sites of Gallipoli National Park which we have won the first prize in a national design competition. Following the competition we prepared the implementation projects for that specific site. With its worn landscape, irregular visitor behaviors, unorganized navigation routes, missing orientation and landscape equipment, the site was handled carefully to find spatial solutions to above mentioned problematics within a long and attentive designing process.


Within the scope of the project, spatial proposals have been made for the Rumeli Mecidiye Bastion and its open spaces to prevent the deficiencies and damage caused by the existing unorganized routes and habits of visitors which also results with a lack of an understanding and perceiving the context of the place. One of the main elements is what we call “Line of History” which finds its physical expression with an informative corten wall that accompanies visitors on their new route. This route helps the visitor in distancing to the bastion and as a results it enables a comprehensive grasp of the area and the new narrative we created. In addition to that indoors of the bastion is designed as a small museum composed of consecutive spatial continuity which is integrated with the “Line of History”.

Location: Gallipoli, Çanakkale
Assignment: urban design, landscaping, graphic design, industrial design, architecture, identity construction, curatorial projects
Size: 42.000 M²
Year: 2016
Status: detailed design
Client: Çanakkale Wars Gallipoli Field Directorate
In collaboration with: Ceyda Özbilen, Eda Ekim, Petek Kızılelma, Mustafa Ercan Zırh, Ayşenaz Toker, Efkan Solmaz, Necmi Uzunbey, Adem Ovacık, Burçak Madran